Our services

We offer the following services to our dear customers.

System, Website and Webshop design

Have a website that you are happy to show to others! With us, you can economically create your unique web appearance and have a good design on which to base your online marketing. We provide reliable IT foundations for your business!

Individual system design

We create your system or application as if it were the digital imprint of your company's activities! Thanks to unique design and development, the new system represents your brand and company exclusively.

Downloadable IT Content on our webshop

Go to our webshop we offer downloadable GPL license version 2 or 3 softwares. Download any content what you would like to download.


Our other solutions:

(including but not limited to)

- Email server processing engine

- Web2 social portal engine (with initial twitter functionality) with logic, math, geography games

- Native mobile applications


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Company Data


ITSM Management Ltd

Registered Address: Kutasó, Toldi utca 4, 3066

Company registration number: 12-09-012795

HU formatted Tax number: 32078828-2-12

EU formatted Tax number: HU32078828

Bank acc # from Hungary in HUF: 11711106 -20009465

Bank acc # (IBAN) in EUR: HU67117631104764288500000000

Bank Swift code: OTPVHUHB




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